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We are so excited that you are considering Calvary Leadership College as you pursue the next steps God has for you in your leadership journey.  We believe that you can change the world! Calvary Leadership College exists to help equip you to fulfill the calling God has placed on your life.  When we all join together in unity and obedience to what God is calling us to individually and collectively, He blesses us and supernaturally multiplies our efforts so that we can fulfill Calvary’s mission to declare and demonstrate the gospel, to everyone, everyday, everywhere.

Calvary Leadership College is our answer to building up and empowering  leaders who will be ready and equipped for all that God has planned for His Kingdom. Calvary Leadership College is an extension site of Southeastern University. While enrolled at Calvary Leadership College students may choose to obtain a two-year Associate of Arts degree that is a springboard into any four-year Bachelor program. In addition, Southeastern University offers focused Associates and Bachelors programs in Ministerial Leadership.  We are building strong and spiritually mature leaders who are poised and ready for any opportunity to help transform our region with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Calvary Leadership College is different from other college experiences in one major way: we take the time to focus on who you ARE before we focus on what you can DO. We want you to invest time, money and energy into WHO YOU ARE as well.

We believe Calvary Leadership College can give you specific things that will assist you in having a successful future:

Calvary Leadership College exists to train next generation leaders within the church, but we won’t stop there. The potential for spiritual transformation and leadership development within our region is going to primarily come from gospel-centered Christians who have been awakened to the good news of Christ and who are using Biblical leadership principles in their everyday life and work environments.

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