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Nov 28

Calvary Church is participating in Cyber Monday!

Written by Pastor Ben Dailey  |  Found in: Main Articles

Just wanted to touch base with you on “Cyber Monday!” A lot of people are shopping online today and shopping for gifts and I wanted to send you a quick note and tell you that I believe Cyber Monday can be a GOOD THING!

On Cyber Monday, people buy stuff online. That isn’t bad but it isn’t lasting. Calvary Church exists to declare and demonstrate the GOSPEL to everyone, everyday, everywhere and that IS lasting!

While you are out shopping today online, why not go HERE and give to God through your local church. I 100% believe that this investment is eternal and good for you and God’s Kingdom.

While you are giving gifts to people, let’s remember to honor God with our finances this year-end! This is Calvary's cyber Monday deal: 100% of your investment will go to reaching people for Jesus.


Grace is your embrace!

Pastor Ben