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Jul 07

Important message from Pastor Ben

Written by Pastor Ben Dailey  |  Found in: Main Articles

I am excited to share our Fall Student Outreach plans with you. Naturally, I trust that you will share my enthusiasm.

On August 3, at 7pm, we will host a massive First Wednesday: Student Edition. Hundreds of students will be present in our Worship Center that night. Our goal is to make a profound spiritual impression on each student, as well as help families get their children ready to head back to school this fall.

Did you know:

- 21% of children in Irving live below the poverty level; that’s 1 in 5.

- Of the families represented in that figure, 54% of them are single parent homes.

- If 21% of 35,000 students are below the poverty line, that means potentially, over 7,000 students could be without school supplies or back to school clothing. 

- 80% of the students in Irving ISD qualify for free or reduced lunch programs. That’s 28,000 of the 35,000 students.

Calvary, we have the amazing opportunity to extend the love Christ so abundantly poured out on us to so many others through this upcoming outreach.  Jesus said in Matthew 25:36-40, “I was lonely, and you made me welcome.  I was without clothes and you gave me something to wear.  I was sick and you cared and helped me.”  He went on to say, “Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.”  

You can help!  I am asking you to join me in making a Kingdom Builder contribution to help cover the cost of the student gifts.  I am asking that 1,000 people give $20 each, above the tithe zone, to cover the following gifts:

- 300 students will receive a “school supply kit” (Grades K-5).

- 200 students will receive an Old Navy clothing gift card (Grades 6-12).

- Special drawing gifts for two MacBook computers, two $150 shopping sprees, and two pairs of Jordan shoes.

- Most importantly, we will be praying for every student, teacher and school staff member.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of these students. Will you help? Click HERE to give online towards this special outreach.

Please be one of the 1,000 Kingdom Builders who will give at least $20 above their tithe. Perhaps some of you can do as I am doing. I’m giving $100 to cover the cost of five student’s gifts. May God prosper you in every way as you give.


In Christian Love,

Ben Dailey, Lead Pastor


P.S. In the event that we receive more than the necessary amount to complete this Kingdom Builder project, these funds will be used to finish our Children’s Center renovation.