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Jun 28

Summer is here!

Written by Pastor Ben Dailey  |  Found in: Main Articles

Dear Calvary,

Kim and I are so thankful for our Calvary Church Partners. God is changing countless lives through this church both locally and globally. However, He’s not just doing it through Kim and me. We can’t complete the vision God’s given without the Lord first speaking to you about helping. God is building a team to accomplish His purpose and it’s through generous tithers and Kingdom Builders. In these summer months of vacations and extra travel, I encourage you to stay faithful in your generosity by setting up recurring giving by clicking HERE.

Before I let you go I came across a great article written by Pastor Eric Dykstra from The Crossing Church. I thought it would be great to share with you during these summer months on the Spiritual Dangers of Skipping Church in the Summer. Here are a few points from his article:


1. We miss out on God’s plan for our spiritual growth and health.

God's plan for the spiritual growth of believers is not a school, not a podcast, and not a TV preacher. (None of these are bad, but they are not His plan). The central plan that God set up in scripture to grow believers spiritually is the local church. His plan was for people to come together for worship and hear the preaching of the Word of God and have it change their lives. This is undeniable. To ignore God's plan is to ignore your own spiritual growth!


2. We make a statement to our families and to the world that God is not important.

When we choose other things over the worship of God on the weekend, we are teaching our kids that worship is not important and other things matter more.

When we sleep in, play sports, or head to lake instead of coming to the House of God, we say to our community that Jesus is not interesting or worthy of our time. Remember, what we give our time to says what we truly value.

Our actions speak louder than our words. When we skip church in favor of something else, our actions are saying, "Jesus is not worth my time." Your kids and your unbelieving friends will notice this, and it could affect their decision to follow Christ.

What your kids need is a passionate parent who worships the Savior. What your friends need is a believer who doesn't just talk about Christ, but actually adjusts their life based on the Word of God.  


3. We can’t minister to other believers.

Many times we think worship services are about us personally getting our own spiritual needs met, but this is honestly kind of individualistic and self-centered. As believers, we are called to come together for worship to minister to "one another." That phrase is all over the scriptures! We are called to serve, help, and encourage other believers. When we miss out on worship, we miss out on our main opportunity to be a blessing to the other believers in our lives. Our voice is missing, our hands can't heal, our prayers over someone else are never prayed.

Meeting together gives support, encouragement, and prayers to people who need it in ways just listening to a podcast at home never could.


4. We miss the glimpse of heaven that the weekly worship services give us.

I am just going to quote Pastor Nathan Rose here:

"God created us to worship Him. That’s the primary reason you exist. This is why the church was redeemed and this is what God’s people will do when Jesus returns and restores our fallen world. Revelation 22:3 gives a picture of this: 'No longer will there be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him.'"

One of the greatest privileges of heaven will be gathering around the throne and worshipping Jesus in all His power and glory. When we come together for worship each week, we are practicing for that crazy awesome event!

Heaven is a place of worship, and we are to pray according to the Lord's Prayer, "Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." We are to long for, and pray for, and organize our lives on earth to look like heaven!

So come to worship weekly! Bring heaven to earth now!

Worship with passion and joy! Bring heaven to earth now!

Keep your life focused on your Savior. He is worth your time, focus, and energy. Bring heaven to earth now! 

Worship is what we are wired for! Hopefully we will see you in church for worship this weekend!


Ben Dailey

Lead Pastor